Last year VEFN presented a very popular and successful session on Social Media. As a result of feedback and further ideas proposed we are now offering a more extensive opportunity.

Social Media has become a major means of communication to the public, and Friends groups need to include it in their mix for recruiting, activity event promotion, and information on their special place of species.

This workshop will present two streams – one for newcomers to social media and one for more experienced. If you think about your knowledge in 1 – 10 (where 1 is none and ten is expert user) then stream one will cover 1 – 3/4 and stream two will cover 4/5 to 8.

Presenters are Nick Sibbing from Artful who is a regular presenter to Small Business Victoria, and Kristen Boshma who has many years experience with marketing consultancy for major corporates, and who ran last year’s very popular session.

We welcome up to three members of Friends, Landcare and other environment groups, with a small cost of $20 for people who are members of a VEFN member group, and $50 for others. This includes lunch.

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